Brae Hanson

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Director of Marketing

Brae Hanson has served in the real estate industry for more years than she cares to divulge.  She's been the owner of a real estate brokerage, managed companies and offices for others, and has had 68 agents working in her office at one time.  She's served as Director of Marketing for her own firm, and for a 15 office, 650 agent firm as well.  For two and a half years, Brae proudly worked for the FDIC in Washington, D.C. during the aftermath of the great financial crisis.

Brae has also trained agents in advanced consultative selling, risk management,  and contract law in 23 of our 50 states, and has served as moderator at National Association of Realtor Meetings.  Brae has served as President of the McHenry County Association of Realtors, and has created a large network of colleagues from around the United States.

She has always focused on helping others, and continues to do just that with American Property Group.  Brae's focus is to bring an extra level of exposure, innovation and time-tested strategies to our agents and to our valued clients.